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​Richmond Mowing specializes in residential properties and only uses small mowers.

Why do we do this?

​When it comes to lawn care, nothing leaves a healthier and better looking lawn than a fresh cut with small mowers. They put less weight on your yard, are more maneuverable, and provide a much more precise cut. As you drive through your neighborhood, take a look at your neighbors' lawns. Some will have clean, healthy cuts with defined and aesthetically pleasing lines, while others will have inconsistent cuts and are littered in divots caused by heavy machinery.  ​​

​​​Mowing - Only using 21" mowers

•​ Fertilization - Feeding your lawn

•​ Weed Control - Eliminating unwanted growth

Mulching - Protecting and beautifying your beds

Aeration - Healthy grass starts at the roots

Seeding - Replenishing

Shrub Trimming - Grooming your shrubs

Leaf Removal - Keeping your lawn tidy