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​Q: Who is Richmond Mowing?

​A: Richmond Mowing is a locally owned company servicing Richmond, Virginia and its surrounding counties. We were established in January of 2013 and have been servicing the community ever since.

Q: Why choose Richmond Mowing?

​A: Looking for lawn care services for your residence? Do you reside on roughly 1/2 acre or less? If so, read on! Most landscaping and lawn care companies invest in large equipment with the intention of servicing a broad range of lawns. This model is good in theory but mediocre at best in practice. The truth is, if you want the healthiest and most beautiful lawn possible, you need more fine-tuned experience and equipment. At Richmond Mowing, we have tailored our entire business to be the very best at what we do. We only work in the residential side of lawn care and landscaping and specialize in lawns of 1/2 acre or smaller. Our experience and specialized equipment allow us to provide you with a better service at a very competitive rate!

Q: What happens to the mowing schedule when it rains?

A: We try to mow your lawn on the next available day. If there are several consecutive days of rain then we are forced to mow your lawn the following week. 

Q: When does the mowing season start and end?

A: We generally start mowing lawns the last week of
March and continue service until the first week of November.

Q: What is included in your mowing service?

A: Mowing the lawn, edging the sidewalk, curb, and driveway, and blowing the sidewalk and driveway clean of debris.

Q: How often do you mow the lawn?

A: We schedule the mowing service on a weekly basis.

Q: What do you do with the grass clippings?

A: We can either bag or recycle the clippings based on your preference.

Q: How will I be billed?

A: You will receive an invoice at the end of each month for services rendered.